Metta Architecture


The word “Metta” is translated as “loving-kindness” in the buddhist tradition.  In Vipassana meditation, metta is the act of directing well-wishes towards other people.  The intention that fuels Patricia’s architectural designs is inspired by metta meditation.







Patricia S. Nossen-Johnson founded Metta Architecture in late 2015.  Since then, she has worked tirelessly to design spaces that delight the spirit and the responsibilities that come with that ever hopeful endeavor.

Patricia worked as a free-lanced artist for over 10 years before receiving her Masters degree in Architecture at the Virginia Polytechnic and State Institute in 2002.  Her artistic background shows in the creative solutions she brings to her work and the aesthetics of her designs.  Prior to establishing her own practice, she worked for Bushnaq Studios, Seattle (2011-2014),  Carleton Hart Architecture, Portland (2007-2010) and Muller & Muller, Chicago (2003-2004).